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There are many African specialists out there but none as special as me!

Have you ever dreamt about going on an African Safari?

Why not try one of my tailor-made African safari journeys with me?

I am a “wise owl” who has done your homework for you…

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I am a World Wide Traveler who specializes in African Safaris.  You may think that this “luxury dream” is out of reach when it is surprisingly affordable.  I will tailor make your journey and travel with you showing you all that Africa offers.  I provide a personal service for those wanting the best at a reasonable price.  So why not give one of my Signature Safaris a try?  I make dreams come true whether it be in a tent, hotel or lodge.

travel with a traveler… is my motto!!


“Special thanks to Sara Kearns of Travels with Sara for providing such a unique experience adding Cottars to our itinerary.  She spoke so highly of the camp and the guides, and she was absolutely right!”

Rebecca Eldridge NY

“Sara Kearns, Travels with Sara, is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful about travel. Thanks to her experience and astute ability to listen and organize, our recent 18 day; four country trip went off without a hitch.”

Jenna Field NY

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