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“I like it – in fact I like the entire idea of ‘Travels with Sara’ – Your own private travel advisor traveling with you – solving problems ‘on the hoof’ – ‘worry free travel’ from leaving your home airport to arriving back home”.

“Someone to hold your hand in ‘strange’ lands – to help you  get the FULL experience. Someone who knows the country, the people, the properties, the best places to go and the best things to see”.

“The only way to travel”.

“Not as expensive as you might think (well everything is relative!!!!) As we know there are people who spend megabucks on a safari. Why wouldn’t they travel with Sara – it’s a no-brainer”!!!!

George, Beho Beho Camp, Selous TZ – July 2018

“Hi Sara… You did a fantastic job with the reservations! I’m having the adventure of my lIfetime! Thank you for all you’ve done!”

Linda Racine WI

“I’d like to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Botswana, led by Sara Kearns and Travels with Sara. I had a splendid time. Sara assembled a fascinating group of people whom I enjoyed thoroughly. Each of the sites/camps we visited was different and each was beautiful, with helpful and skilled staff. Sara led us through the adventure, her enthusiasm and good spirits always evident”.

Gretchen Gibbs NY

“Sara Kearns, Travels with Sara, is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful about travel. Thanks to her experience and astute ability to listen and organize, our recent 18 day; four country trip went off without a hitch.”

Jenna Field NY

“Special thanks to Sara Kearns of Travels with Sara for providing such a unique experience adding Cottars to our itinerary.  She spoke so highly of the camp and the guides, and she was absolutely right!”

Rebecca Eldridge NY

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