It is the crown jewel of the safari world…. Tis the place to be for an in-your-face predator and elephant encounter.  Its vast wilderness areas allows one the privacy and exclusivity for which Botswana is famous.  tid bits & maps

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Sara’s Favorite Camps By Region

Chobe (marsh & dry) – Ghoha Hills
Linyanti (wet) – Selinda Camp, Zarafa CampDuma TauLinyanti Bush Camp 
Moremi (woodland) – Khwai Tented CampMachaba
Okavango Delta (wet) – ChitabeKwetsaniVumbura Plains, Tubu TreeDuba Expedition 
Makgadigadi (desert) – Meno A Kwena Tented Camp & Safaris, Jacks Camp
Mobile Camp –  Roger Dugmore Safaris

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