About Sara

Currently living in Hudson Valley town of Warwick, NY since 2002.  I started Travels with Sara in 2008 and specialize in private guided safaris throughout Africa.

I started my business as the saying goes, “Where there’s a will there’s a way…” As a child my father regaled me with stories of the Dark Continent inhabited by wild animals and colorful people, places with strange sounding names; Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar. He told tales of journeys from Cairo to the Cape, plus Dr. Livingstone’s trek across the continent. The exotic animals and brightly plumaged birds filled my imagination, I was enthralled.

My dream came to life after I joined British Airways formerly known as BOAC as a (multi lingual) stewardess, this was my ticket to the world and Africa was high on the long list of places I wanted to go. The journey began and I never looked back, in fact I met the love of my life during one of those journey’s on a beach in Bermuda.  He was a foreign news correspondent, Frank Kearns, with CBS News and was an African expert.  We later married and traveled the world together.

After several safaris and many miles of global travel I am doing what I love best and want to share in my travel experiences with you, thus in 2008 my business was born “Travels with Sara”.  Ever since it has been my pleasure to offer my worldwide expertise and my passion for travel as well as sharing my beloved Africa with you.